Protein Causes of Man Baldness

Researchers have identified a protein that is responsible for male baldness. Thus expected to be found an effective treatment for baldness in men. Male baldness has affected 8 out of 10 men and causes hair follicles to shrink and produce microscopic hairs, which grow for shorter duration than normal hair.

"Often we see the baldness in men when the hair follicles are still there. So specialist concluded that, the existence of male baldness is caused due to the lack of a chemical compound for hair growth or the presence of inhibitors," said Dr. George Cotsarelis, a dermatology professor of Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania as reported by FoxNewsHealth, Thursday (03/22/2012).

By using microrays, tissue samples taken from the scalp in men suffering from baldness (alopecia androgenetic) and measured the levels of different genes. Samples taken from two spots on the scalp and bald spots with hair. The researchers found a bald spot has a high level of abnormal proteins called Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2), which is almost three times the amount present in the area of ​​scalp with hair. Then the researchers identified the protein, and further functional tests to study the effects of PGD2 in rat hair and hair follicles that grow in the laboratory.

"The protein can decrease the growth of hair. Proteins to inhibit hair growth, so that must be bound to the receptor (GPR44). Receptors are targets for future treatments to combat the baldness," says Dr. Cotsarelis.

"The effects of inhibition of PGD2 acts through the receptor, so what to do is block the receptor," the researchers said.

Some of the compounds targeted at the GPR44 receptor is already underway in other laboratories to treat other health problems like asthma. In addition to regulating hair growth, prostaglandins also control cell growth, as well as the constriction and dilation of smooth muscle tissue. The researchers believe that, with the results of new research means a topical treatment for male pattern baldness may soon be available.

"Our study is targeted to find a solution treatment of male pattern baldness. Since almost all men with a concomitant increase in age has begun to experience pattern baldness," says Dr. Cotsarelis.

Carrot Effective to Help a Success Diet

You must already know this vegetable, yeah, that is carrot, carrots are one of the many foods that contain vitamin A. Vitamin A is very good for maintaining healthy eyes. But later revealed if carrots can help you lose weight. In addition to vitamin A, these vegetables also contain lots of fiber, minerals and other nutrients that are very useful for the body. Provided you know carrots do not contain fat and cholesterol. So for those of you who are on a diet it would be nice to change your diet with this rabbit's favorite vegetable.

Carrots contain high fiber and water content are also abundant. So that by consuming these vegetables you will feel full as when eating seaweed. Thus, it can reduce your hunger and effective if you're on a strict diet. Carrot is not one of the major causes of weight loss, but these vegetables may play a role in supporting weight loss success. By eating lots of carrots, can prevent someone from consuming more calories because you will feel full.

Carrot Effective Diet to Help a success

Based on the research, people are often eating carrots will have healthy skin. Other than that contained vitamin A in carrots is not only good for the eyes, but also mempu prevent cancer.

The Benefits of Seaweed For Weight Loss

Seaweed For Weight Loss
Seaweed is one of the plant are rich in fiber that's good for the digestive process. Some time ago in Washington DC held research and the result is a brown seaweed algae species contain fibers that can cause the sensation of a full stomach, so eating seaweed is very helpful for your diet program. The research was conducted of the Faculty of Science – University of Copenhagen. According to them, fiber contained in seaweed brown algae causing the consumer always feel full and shown to decrease appetite.

Based on case studies conducted over a 12 week, consuming most of the alginate can lost weight significantly. While that does not consume alginate tend to weight gain. Weight loss was due to alginate contained in seaweed-green algae form a gel in the stomach and strengthen the satiety signals to the brain. Thus the stomach feel full and will always come down appetite and impact weight loss that happen quite a lot. The researchers also found the average consumers who drink the seaweed fiber could reduce weight by 1.7 kg.

In addition to the seaweed there are also other foods that contain lots of fiber and filling the stomach such as apple. Apple itself has many benefits for the body as a supplier of a wide range of important vitamins needed by our body. As said above apple has a lot of fiber such as brown algae seaweed that is able to maintain the stability of our digestive process in order to keep smooth. More about the benefits of apples please read the following article "apple fruit for a healthy diet".

The Benefits of Apples for Healthy Diet

Apple for Healthy Diet
Shrink the stomach can be done in many ways, one of them by eating fruits that contain lots of fiber such as apples. Fruit that has a sweet but slightly sour taste is indeed much-loved person as a dessert. But, do you know you can also use apple diet as a means to shrink the stomach?

Shrink stomach with apples is very effective because in a lot of apples contained no fat or calories. But instead, the apple contains fiber that are beneficial to expedite the disposal process in your body. Besides apples themselves contain different vitamins that our body needs. Apples contain vitamin A that's good for the eyes as well as Vitamin C to boost immunity.

Why apple beneficial to the diet? Because the apple with the skin if taken at the same time have a low index glicemik, it causes blood glucose levels preformance slow to rise, so we will feel full after eating an apple. Thus we can minimize the time our meal and diet can running smoothly.

Benefits of Apples For Supporting Healthy Diet

You must know, apples can also erode the cholesterol in the body. Inside apple there is such thing as pectin enzyme and polifinol. Both enzymes can erode the cholesterol in the body. Therefore, eat an apple with the skin because these two enzymes many found in the skin. Besides apples also been shown to fight cancer, according to a study of people in one day to eat an apple, it can reduce the possibility of cancer. Which last apples are also useful for preventing senile. Apples are proven to increase the production of acetylcholine which is a hormone that is capable of transmitting messages between Personality so as to sharpen the memory of the brain.

The Benefits of Apples for Healthy Diet

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