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Tips Shrink Stomach After Childbirth

Tips Shrinking Stomach After Childbirth
For the mother that confused with the problem of enlarged waist circumference after birth, there are tips to shrink stomach after childbirth. Many woman confused in choosing the most appropriate way to restore its original shape. Most of the mothers doing diet program, but that is not good for postpartum mothers, because postpartum mothers need adequate nutrition to breastfeeding, it is very important for maintaining the health of mothers and babies.

According to health expert Prof Raul Artal of Saint Louis University. Effort to restore its original shape with a strict diet is not good, can even lead to a variety of statement, such as diabetes and heart problems. And based on some survey that women retain weight after giving birth it will make a distended abdomen.

Then how do I shrink the stomach after giving birth to the most safe and effective? Actually there are many methods without having to undergo a strict exercise and diet. Here are some tips to shrink the stomach after delivery of the safest and effective because it has been recommended by experts.

1. Breastfeeding

Besides highly recommended by doctors, breastfeeding may help the mother in losing weight. Because while breastfeeding, a woman can burn fat up to 600 calories per day or same as cycling for an hour said Dr. Raul.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

A mother who breast-feed needs high nutritional in order to meet the needs of the baby and the mother herself. Therefore, a mother should consume lots of fruits and vegetables to your baby's nutritional needs met. Do not forget to measure the food into the body so the baby can stay healthy.
Here are some fruits and vegetables are good for your consumption :

3. Drink Mineral Water

Mineral water is very good for ordinary people and good for mothers who are breastfeeding. Water capable of removing toxins in the body. Take a look if your urine have yellowish color that means you have not consume lots of water. Therefore try to consume approximately 10 glasses of water every day.

4. Fair and Balanced Eating

All you have to remember is that you are currently breastfeeding your baby. You should eat 3 times a day with a considerable portion in order to maintained ASI nutrition. This is better than you eat once a day but with large portions. Try to avoid unhealthy foods such as chocolate or fried foods.

5. Interacting With Babies

This is the most fun thing in terms of burning calories. Encourage your baby walk every morning and evening with a stroller. Besides the streets in the morning is very good for the baby. This method does seem trivial, but the effect is quite significant.

6. follow the treatment Classes

This one is optional because it required a separate fee to attend these classes.
OK, that is tips for you, hopefully useful for you.
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