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The Benefits of Seaweed For Weight Loss

Seaweed For Weight Loss
Seaweed is one of the plant are rich in fiber that's good for the digestive process. Some time ago in Washington DC held research and the result is a brown seaweed algae species contain fibers that can cause the sensation of a full stomach, so eating seaweed is very helpful for your diet program. The research was conducted of the Faculty of Science – University of Copenhagen. According to them, fiber contained in seaweed brown algae causing the consumer always feel full and shown to decrease appetite.

Based on case studies conducted over a 12 week, consuming most of the alginate can lost weight significantly. While that does not consume alginate tend to weight gain. Weight loss was due to alginate contained in seaweed-green algae form a gel in the stomach and strengthen the satiety signals to the brain. Thus the stomach feel full and will always come down appetite and impact weight loss that happen quite a lot. The researchers also found the average consumers who drink the seaweed fiber could reduce weight by 1.7 kg.

In addition to the seaweed there are also other foods that contain lots of fiber and filling the stomach such as apple. Apple itself has many benefits for the body as a supplier of a wide range of important vitamins needed by our body. As said above apple has a lot of fiber such as brown algae seaweed that is able to maintain the stability of our digestive process in order to keep smooth. More about the benefits of apples please read the following article "apple fruit for a healthy diet".
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