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Disease In a Man Caused By Aging

Disease in a man caused by aging
Some specific diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and prostate cancer is usually experienced by men when it reaches the age of 40 years and over. Undeniably, some diseases can indeed be caused by aging. Here are some kinds of diseases in men who experienced appropriate as you age.

Ages 20-30 Years : Addiction alcohol and drugs, smoking, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases, and mental disorders.

Most of the young men not to think about how their health condition at the age of 50 years. "If you want to stay healthy in old age, think about the health of yourself since the age of 20 - 30 years. Reduce drinking alcohol, stop smoking, and keep your weight," said Professor Duncan Topliss, director of the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes in Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Men who have a family history of heart disease or high blood pressure should see their doctor at least once a year. Disturbance-sexual disorders can also be detected at this age. Symptoms such as discharge from the urinary tract, painful ejaculation and penis rash can indicate the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. "If the testis hard or rubbery, immediately did an ultrasound examination. Abnormalities in testis size may indicate the presence of fertility problems and need to be examined," said Professor Peter Royce, director of urology at the Alfred Hospital.

Late teens and early age of 20 years was a period in which many mental health disorders. About three-quarters of men experiencing schizophrenia for the first time at the age of 25-26 years. Anxiety and depression often occur when you're struggling to form a relationship, pursuing careers and become new parents.

Ages 40-50 Years : Heart disease, diabetes, depression, colon cancer, bladder and kidney.

"If you have high blood pressure, cholesterol or are overweight, immediately consult to know the symptoms of diabetes after reaching the age of 45 years," said Professor Topliss. When reaching the age of 50 years and over, male greater risk of cancers of prostate and colon cancer. Signs of prostate cancer is difficulty urinating, while signs of colon cancer is bleeding in the anus and bowel obstruction. Colon examination should be performed at the age of 50, 55 and 65 years and every 2 years after reaching the age of 50 years. Men aged over 50 years are advised to discuss with your doctor about the need to undergo a prostate test.

Bladder cancer and kidney cancer may be a problem at this age, especially for male smokers. The symptoms are the presence of blood in the urine. In addition, heart disease and heart attack can also be a major threat. "If you experience chest pain of unknown cause, immediately periska to the doctor, at any age. Therefore, chest pains and shortness of breath are the two main symptoms of heart attack," said Professor Tony Dart, director of cardiovascular medicine at the Alfred Hospital. The risk of skin cancer is also increased after a man reaches the age of 50 years. Men should examine their skin once every three months if you notice any changes.

Aged 60 years and over : heart disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, skin and prostate.

After reaching the age of 55 years, everyone should be screened for diabetes testing. Symptoms of diabetes include fatigue, excessive thirst, urination and a lot of skin infections. "Being a parent is a risk factor for diabetes and not many things you can do about it. But caring for the body to reduce the risks," said Professor Topliss.

Prostate cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer will always be a major health problem for men, especially as we get older. At this age, regular checkups to monitor the health condition is necessary. Irregular heartbeats are also more common among older men and increase the risk of stroke. "If the middle-aged men have often run into problems with his heart, a variety of that problems will accumulate when the old so that heart function are more likely to impaired . Health condition can be improved simply by eating a healthy diet and exercise," says Professor Dart.
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