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Benefits of Keeping Virginity for Women

Keeping Virginity for Women
In modern times such as now, not a few women who are sexually active, although not yet officially married, even some of which are still attending school. Though many health benefits that can be felt when the woman can keep her virginity.

Virginity is highly valued in eastern countries. Women are considered sacred in religion and morals when it could keep her virginity before marriage.

Unfortunately, promiscuity is rampant among young people, to make women can take off her virginity at any time, even though he was attending school. Virginity is one of the most special gift that God gives to a woman.

Here are some health benefits to women to keep her virginity before marriage, as reported by Timesofindia, Friday (16/03/2012) :

1. No need to afraid of getting pregnant out of wedlock

Of the many advantages, this one is the most obvious. Many single women who regularly have sex is always concerned with the pregnancy. So if you are a virgin, you do not have to worry about this. You also do not need to bother having a routine birth control pills if you do not want to get pregnant before marriage.

2. Do not get sexually transmitted infections

Women who can keep the virginity of course will not have dangerous sex. This of course will keep him away from a variety of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV / AIDS, herpes and genital warts, syphilis and gonorhea.

stress, depression and loneliness

3. There is no emotional trauma of a relationship

Love is not all about sex. There are many things you can do without sex. Remember, sexual frustration can make you feel hurt, stress, depression, loneliness and so angry.

4. Be happier

In fact, most men prefer to marry women who are still virgins. Women who can keep her virginity until marriage later tend to have happier marriages than those who do pre-marital sex.
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